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Product: MINI DP male to HDMI female 1.8 m adapter cable
Interface: MINI DP - HDMI A / F
Attribute: HDMI1.4 supports 1080P 3D
Uses: Apple computer connected to the standard HDMI HD cable at both ends DV camera connected to HD TV
Mini DP to HDMI is an active patch cord.
1. The product is up to 1.8M
2. Compliance with Display Port 1.1a specifications
3. Support bandwidth 1.6Gbps and 2.7Gbps
4. Built - in conversion chip, automatic identification equalizer
5. Support up to 12 color depths
6. Compliance with DVI 1.0 specifications
7. Support HDCP 1.3
8. Support multi-screen display function
Games Let you indulge in the fun of the game:
9. Get all the activities in the real - time strategy game and enjoy more control. Work efficiency to help you complete more tasks
10. Expand the desktop workspace of your computer with multiple high-resolution displays to optimize work efficiency.
11. Process multitasking processes more efficiently while seeing more data, applications, and images.
12. Avoid application switching, window sorting, mouse clicks, and scrolling when free. Improve accuracy, speed up workflow, reduce eye strain, and increase job satisfaction. Entertainment for a relaxing time:
13. Combine multiple display groups into one combined large display screen to realize wide-screen home theater playback.
14. Watch a TV sports show, movie or video entertainment on one monitor, view statistics online, browse the web, or play games on other monitors.
15. For professional video and audio editing applications, the display can be flexibly configured into various horizontal and vertical combinations.
After connecting the products, enter the audio properties, set the audio to HDMI output, and the interface should be plugged in to avoid screen flashing and snowflake. phenomenon.


Mini Dp To Hdmi Adapter Cable 1.8 M White White

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