Investment Approach

  • Tsuha Capital adheres to the utmost professionalism, integrity and ethical standards and operates with a conscience. 

  • Tsuha Capital is focused on making impact investments in mainland United States, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands and will consider investments in other geographies on a case by case basis. 

  • Tsuha Capital desires to be actively involved as an operating partner, and a Board Member or Advisor. 


1. Invest and Build: 

Tsuha Capital manages private investments in early and mid stage firms poised for high growth & enduring significance that can benefit from Tsuha Capital’s support and network of strategic relationships.

2. Accelerate Growth: 

Tsuha Capital seeks long term engagements in a collaborative relationship to assist in your firm’s success with value-creating innovation and scalable execution.

Who are WE: 

Tsuha Capital is an independent private investment firm assisting exceptional teams enabled by distinctive technology and market-validated solutions.  We prefer impact investments that create a positive multiplier effect for society and the environment.  

Wallace K. Tsuha

Founder and Managing Director

Retired Founder & Chairman of Saturn Electronics & Engineering Inc., a firm he Founded in 1985 and grew to $400M+

Gene R. Smith

Operating Affiliate

33 year senior executive in technology firms  with strong track record of creating accretive strategic engagements and achieving profitable & sustainable growths.

Sherman Cruz

Operating Affliate

Former CFO of Saturn Electronics & Engineering Inc. Instrumental in numerous acquisitions & joint ventures, and the ultimate sale of Saturn to a Fortune 200 firm.